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Dressing well at work doesn't just make you look good and gain confidence, it also makes you more likely to get promoted.


These ten tips will help you look great beyond finding the right suit.


1 Necktie length matters

If you're wearing a suit, wearing a necktie that's either too short or too long is a fashion faux pas. Make sure your tie only stretches to the top of your belt. Your appearance will be negatively impacted by anything longer or shorter.


2 Use a dryer to remove static cling.

Static cling can attract dust to your suit, making it appear unsightly. To prevent this, rub a dryer sheet or crumpled piece of aluminum foil onto the suit to neutralize the static energy.


3 Select a necktie that is a darker color than your shirt.

To create contrast and consider making the tie stand out, choose a necktie that is a darker shade than your shirt. Choosing a necktie that is lighter in color  than the shirt will draw more attention to the shirt instead. Making your necktie stand out adds to your visual appeal.


4 Keep a lint roller on hand.

Suits are more prone to lint and hair than other clothes. You may avoid wearing a sloppy dress by keeping a lint roller in your pocket to quickly remove particles. Rub it all on your suit, and the tacky texture will take up any dirt that comes into contact with it.


5 Wear a charcoal-colored suit.

A black suit is overly formal, and the hue is generally dull. Meanwhile, suits in other hues appear overly casual. Wearing a charcoal-colored suit to achieve a lovely combination of informal and dressy must be considered. A charcoal suit provides you with proper clothes for practically any situation.


6 Release the bottom button

No matter how many buttons your suit jacket has, always allow the bottom one to loosen to decrease inflammation in the lower area of the garment. Aside from being unattractive, buckling the bottom button might damage the cloth, especially when sitting.


7 Wear suits with fine pinstripes.

Choose suites with thin lines rather than broad ones if you wish to wear pinstripes. Wide pinstripes are unflattering since they attract attention away from your suit. If you wish to keep patterns in your ensemble, opt for bigger plaid patterns.


8 Use a hairdryer to remove small creases.

If you don't have time to take your suit to dry cleaning, you may de-wrinkle it with a hairdryer. The dryer's heat helps to smooth out minor creases but it may not be sufficient to flatten bigger wrinkles. Applying a hot steam iron may perform better if the label permits it.


9 Put on matching socks and pants.

If you're wearing black pants, wear black socks. Matching the colors of the two garments can help them mix and conceal your socks even if you elevate your jeans to display them.


10 Avoid buying off-the-rack outfits.

Off-the-shelf suits come in conventional sizes with no possibility for modification. It would be hard to locate an off-the-rack outfit that properly fits your physique, which is why a tailored suit is preferable. Customized suits conform to specific body measurements to be a better match for your physique.

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