A well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe should cater for all seasons. The first signs of winter call for warmer clothing and there’s no greater, more versatile garment than the overcoat.

Whether you’re a well-seasoned gentleman looking for a point of difference to complement your suit, or just starting out your wardrobe, a bespoke overcoat is a must have item especially if you’re in place where the mornings and days do get quite fresh.

Although where climate are a little warmer in the winter months, we have many different weights cloths as well as the warmest, fines and most luxurious compositions that have all been meticulously sourced to make sure any overcoat fabric selected will serve its purpose for the climate you will be wearing it in, all while at the same time being very breathable.

From pure wool to cashmere to pashmina to alpaca, we have it all to be able to offer you the largest range of quality fabric for your overcoat. We strive to make sure each and every cloth selected will serve its purpose, and it’s no different when it comes to our overcoats.

Not only will a tailor made overcoat keep you warm, it can be made into a unique fashion piece that will command many compliments from your friends and peers in the corporate world.

From your traditional military style double breasted overcoat, to your 3 button fly front three quarter length, the style options are endless. If you are looking for that traditional sharp look or want to add your own modern twist, our design team will help create a one off bespoke overcoat made just for you.

With our very own in house pattern makers, no design is too hard for our tailors.

We Look forward to making you look and feel a

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